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The Alraun - Fetish Doll - by Matthew Venus

Historically, the alraun is a fetish created from the root of a plant. Most commonly these roots are from the mandrake, the briony, or the ash. The alraun often is shaped with human characteristics and is said to bring luck and protection to the household. They are either crafted while growing, carved after they are harvested, or naturally found in a human-like form. Once harvested the root is mummified and preserved.

They were commonly kept in boxes upon the hearth or secreted away somewhere, as during certain points of history simply owning an alraun was enough to convict a person of witchcraft and have them put to death. It was also said that if one wanted to be rid of the alraun it could only be sold for a higher price than one paid for it, or that it must be returned to the earth by burial.

This fetish was inspired by and crafted to behave much like the alraun in appearance and in purpose. It was designed primarily for protection of the home and it’s inhabitants. It was ritually hand crafted from an all natural clay which has been embedded with traditional protective herbs and roots. It was accompanied by a custom crafted casket for storage and protection.

This fetish was designed for the serious magical practitioner as it is a powerful tool and ally which requires attention and some level of experience and responsibility on the part of its owner. The candles shown in the pictures are a part of it’s ensouling ritual. 

This piece has sold, however I do offer custom fetish pieces in a variety of styles and for varied purposes. Foe more information contact me here

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